TVET Activities at the Institute

The generic and employable skills are being offered to the youth of Bhutan at Technical Training institute of Chumey in the construction field. The trades offered for NC Level II are:

Fig. b                                                                                     Fig. a.

  1. Plumbing, currently they are involved in constructing Plumbing model (Fig. a) house where advanced technology that the trainees can be trained will be shown in the house.
  2. Masonry, The trainees are preparing for national skill competition in construction of brick wall, Stone wall and laying tiles (Fig. b).
  3. Carpentry, Currently trainees are constructing Furniture workshop (Fig. c)as a part of their curriculum.
  4. Welding, currently the trainees are engaged with gas welding practical                                                                                                                                                           Fig. C

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