Welcome to Technical Training Institute-Chumey!

Overview of Technical Training Institute campus

Are you looking to enhance your skills in the construction industry? Look no further than TTI-Chumey! We offer comprehensive training in all construction-related fields. Nestled in a scenic setting with a cool climate and lush green scenery, our location is perfect for focused learning. Enjoy comfortable accommodation with room heating and 24/7 hot water systems in place. Our spacious, ICT-enabled classrooms provide an optimal learning environment.

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Current Enrollment Status

CourseCertificationTraining ModeMaleFemaleTotalRemarks
MasonryBQFC2Regular224Old batch
MasonryBQFC2Regular8513New batch
Furniture MakingBQFC2DTP505
Furniture MakingBQFC2Regular505New batch
Furniture MakingICSDP12012
Tiles LayingICSDP11011Attending BEC
As of 11th June 2024