Graduation day (9/7/2016)

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graduation_2016_4.jpgOn graduation day His excellency lynopo Dawa Gyeltshen, Minister of Home and Culture affair was chief guest and different regional head were also invited.
Total of eighty-seven trainees graduated in which thirty-seven were from Mason, nineteen from plumbing, seven from Welding and Six from ATP.

For the first time in the history of TTI-Chumey Best Instructor and Best Trainees were also nominated. Ugyen Kelzang from carpentry section was selected as best instructor and Chimi Dorji from carpentry Trade was selected. The selection of best instructor and trainees were done under many criteria set by DHR/Molhr. During the day even APA (Annual Performance Agreement) was also Sign between head of Institute and Director.

Toward the end His excellency Lynopo shared how important for youth to get skilled and to maintain good attitude and preservation of our culture and Tradition.

Promotion of Staff

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The institute congratulates the staff on their promotion. Indeed, for their hard work and contribution towards institute in fulfilling its institute’s Vision and mission and also for showing their potential to take initiatives and strong commitment towards shouldering work assign by royal government of Bhutan.

The institute wish for their same spirit and potential to serve TSA WA SUM with their full ability and dedication.


NC-II Assessment ended today

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NC-II Assessment ended today. Here 2015 ATP graduates who are employed under CDCL came to give the NC-II Exam this year. Of six ATP graduates join the exam along with final year trainees and the exam end today. 
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